Brunch and Sundowner at The Lalit, New Delhi

What does the word “brunch” conjure in your mind?

Lazy afternoons? Sun-kissed tables? Family time?
Mimosas? Bellinis? Bloody Marys?
Cheese platters? Fresh bread? Garden-fresh salads?

Brunch is interpreted in many unique ways across the world, but it usually is a languorous meal between 11 am and 3 pm, involving all kinds of food and drinks.

This is why I was intrigued by the idea of the Sunday Brunch & Sundowner at the 24/7 Restaurant in The Lalit, New Delhi – which starts in the afternoon and melts, most blissfully, into late evening.

Let me paint you a picture.

You begin at 1 pm.

Start with a colourful salad. How do you like kiwi, mandarin and beetroot?

1. fruit salad

Now a nibble of sushi.

2. sushi

How about a crumbling of stinky blue cheese?

3. blue cheese

Perfect with a warm spinach bun.

4. warm bun

Let’s wash this down with some champagne, shall we?

5. champagne

Now, maybe we step out for a while. I love Alfresco seating on a pleasant day 🙂

6. al fresco seating

Sausages, lamb, fish, paneer, kebabs – all barbecued up in front of us.

7. barbecue

Oh you know what I’m missing? A plump prawn.

8. prawn

Step back inside for a slice of pizza now?

9. pizza

Or a swift slice from the revolving shawarma stand?

10. shawarma

The chef can rustle up a Chinese stir fry just for you.

11. chinese stirfry

Or would you prefer Indian tawa veggies?

12. indian tawa veggies

Maybe you feel like the creamiest pototoes ever?

13. creamy potatoes

With a piece of chicken, a side of pork, some button mushrooms, and some crispy skinned fish?

14. meat feast

This place does the BEST salsa. These are the four types on offer: Pineapple (my fav), cucumber, sun-dried tomato, and regular.

15. salsa

Time for a another glass of bubbly.

16. bubbly

Now we shall sit outside for a while. Don’t we look happy? 🙂

17. happy faces

Gossip and conversations with old friends who are family are an essential brunch component.

Dessert time! Fruit tarts, carrot cake, pistachio cake, or the creamiest panna cotta you’ve ever eaten. Once of each, I say!

18. dessert

We’ll wind down with some green tea please. And suddenly- it’s 6 pm.

19. green tea

What a wonderful, wonderful way to spend a Sunday. The brunch price at The Lalit also includes the use of the pool (perfect for hot summer days) and a complimentary pedicure/manicure at the hotel spa- Rejuve (really takes a relaxed brunch to the next level!).

20. al fresco

Head over to The Lalit, New Delhi, Barakhamba Avenue, Connaught Place for a blissfully lazy and decadently delicious Sunday 🙂

Prices: 3000 +taxes for the Alcohol buffet, 2200 +taxes for the Non-Alcohol buffet, and 1500 +taxes for Kids.
Timing: 1 pm – 6:30 pm
Venue: 24/7 restaurant and Al fresco
For reservations, call + 91 11 4444 7777, Ext. 331

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