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Happy new year my darlings!

Culinarystorm says sorry for the slow posts these past few weeks.

There’s been a solid reason for it though – I’ve moved to Singapore!

I’m starting a new job here and it’s been quite the challenge – moving to a new country, doing interesting work I’ve not done before, and making new friends.

But the very best part is being in a place that’s full of fantastic food 🙂

Last weekend, some friends took me to brunch to place called Wild Honey. The bright and colourful decor, large chalkboard menu, and array of food and beverage choices will make you forget all about the 45 minute wait to get in.

wild honey inside

Wild Honey has 2 locations in Singapore, but the one I went to was in the super pish-poshy mall, Mandarin Gallery, that’s full of designer clothes and art and a rather adorable dessert shop called Antoinette where the macarons are not bad.

I’m a sucker for the chalkboard menus at Wild Honey.

wild honey chalkboard menu

If you think eggs are magic (like me), then you must try this place. They specialise in all-day breakfasts from around the world, so you could choose from Tunisian or Spanish, Norwegian or Aussie, English or Mexican, and many more!

I bullied everyone at my table into ordering different things so I could try a little of everything.

Here’s a look at what we stuffed our faces with.

Spanish breakfast

Spanish Hash- A plateful of uniformly cut cubes of spicy chorizo, corned beef, and crispy potato, topped with poached eggs doused in Hollandaise Sauce and served with giant brioche slices.

Norwegian breakfast

Norwegian- This delightful plate comes with creamy avocado pieces nestled in a bed of whole wheat brioche, covered with grilled asparagus, and then poached eggs that have been wrapped like a dream in Norwegian smoked salmon.

This is what happens when you cut into it.

Norwegian breakfast 2

If you’re drooling all over your keyboard, call me. We’re soulmates.

Portobello road breakfast

Portobello Road- A pile of baked portobello mushroom, spinach, red pepper confit and poached eggs drizzled with lemon Hollandaise on brioche.

Sweet mornings

Sweet mornings- This is what French toast should look like. Thick, golden-brown caramelized brioche. The bread was stuffed with sweet mango. YUM. And the dish also came with maple syrup, vanilla mascarpone, and a bright red berry compote. YUM YUM YUM.

wild honey iced tea

I also tried the Wild honey iced tea which was, well, interesting, but too “herby” for my liking.


The Latte was clearly pretty decent, because my friend drank two. Also, so pretty!


There is also an assortment of fresh juices on offer – a breakfast necessity, no? And aren’t the straws adorable? 🙂

Try Wild Honey if you enjoy international all-day breakfasts, eggs, and oh ya, Hollandaise sauce.

To kick off my first post for 2014, let’s do a poll! It’s been ages right?! I know!

I love you guys! Hoping this will be a brilliant year for us all! Hugs!


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What does the word “brunch” conjure in your mind?

Lazy afternoons? Sun-kissed tables? Family time?
Mimosas? Bellinis? Bloody Marys?
Cheese platters? Fresh bread? Garden-fresh salads?

Brunch is interpreted in many unique ways across the world, but it usually is a languorous meal between 11 am and 3 pm, involving all kinds of food and drinks.

This is why I was intrigued by the idea of the Sunday Brunch & Sundowner at the 24/7 Restaurant in The Lalit, New Delhi – which starts in the afternoon and melts, most blissfully, into late evening.

Let me paint you a picture.

You begin at 1 pm.

Start with a colourful salad. How do you like kiwi, mandarin and beetroot?

1. fruit salad

Now a nibble of sushi.

2. sushi

How about a crumbling of stinky blue cheese?

3. blue cheese

Perfect with a warm spinach bun.

4. warm bun

Let’s wash this down with some champagne, shall we?

5. champagne

Now, maybe we step out for a while. I love Alfresco seating on a pleasant day 🙂

6. al fresco seating

Sausages, lamb, fish, paneer, kebabs – all barbecued up in front of us.

7. barbecue

Oh you know what I’m missing? A plump prawn.

8. prawn

Step back inside for a slice of pizza now?

9. pizza

Or a swift slice from the revolving shawarma stand?

10. shawarma

The chef can rustle up a Chinese stir fry just for you.

11. chinese stirfry

Or would you prefer Indian tawa veggies?

12. indian tawa veggies

Maybe you feel like the creamiest pototoes ever?

13. creamy potatoes

With a piece of chicken, a side of pork, some button mushrooms, and some crispy skinned fish?

14. meat feast

This place does the BEST salsa. These are the four types on offer: Pineapple (my fav), cucumber, sun-dried tomato, and regular.

15. salsa

Time for a another glass of bubbly.

16. bubbly

Now we shall sit outside for a while. Don’t we look happy? 🙂

17. happy faces

Gossip and conversations with old friends who are family are an essential brunch component.

Dessert time! Fruit tarts, carrot cake, pistachio cake, or the creamiest panna cotta you’ve ever eaten. Once of each, I say!

18. dessert

We’ll wind down with some green tea please. And suddenly- it’s 6 pm.

19. green tea

What a wonderful, wonderful way to spend a Sunday. The brunch price at The Lalit also includes the use of the pool (perfect for hot summer days) and a complimentary pedicure/manicure at the hotel spa- Rejuve (really takes a relaxed brunch to the next level!).

20. al fresco

Head over to The Lalit, New Delhi, Barakhamba Avenue, Connaught Place for a blissfully lazy and decadently delicious Sunday 🙂

Prices: 3000 +taxes for the Alcohol buffet, 2200 +taxes for the Non-Alcohol buffet, and 1500 +taxes for Kids.
Timing: 1 pm – 6:30 pm
Venue: 24/7 restaurant and Al fresco
For reservations, call + 91 11 4444 7777, Ext. 331

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Last Sunday at noon, Sid, Antara, and I headed out for lazy brunch.

A surprisingly short drive later we were at the beautiful Claridges, Surajkund saying hello to Parul, and Mukta who came bearing delicious cookies!

The brunch offerings were extensive with something for everyone: antipasti, salads, Italian, Chinese, Indian, desserts.

The best part: Unlimited refills of sparkling wine. Seriously my flute was never once empty!

Sparkling wine

This is a wonderful place if you’re looking for an out-of-town feel without really going very far at all.

The ambience is lovely – you can choose to sit indoors or out in the winter sun.

Outdoor seating

This is what you’ll see if your eyes wander upwards.

What you see when you look up

The whole experience is languorous and relaxed and comfortable, just as a brunch should be.

Ask the chef to create a signature pizza for you, cut yourself a piece from a gorgeous leg of ham, nibble on some fresh bread, and even sneak a smiley face from the kid’s section 🙂

Here’s a look at the offerings.

Fresh, warm bread station.

Bread station

How often do you see baby octopus in a brunch buffet?

Baby octopus

Or pickled sardines in oil and garlic for that matter?

Sardines pickled in garlic and oil

Lots of cheese and fruit and crackers for everyone.

Colourful plate

Cheese platter


Sushi lovers can celebrate.

Assorted sushi

And take a look at this beauty – fresh wasabi root. Isn’t that a gorgeous green?

Fresh wasabi root

There was a huge leg of ham which I fell in love with. I wanted to take it home, introduce it to my parents, and start a family with it.

Beautiful leg of ham

Here’s a look at my many plates that afternoon.

Plate 1

Plate 2

Plate 3

Small portions of lovely vegetables and mini salads.

Assorted anti pasti

Assorted anti pasti

Chef Gurjyote Singh is a master plater in my opinion.

Salmon herb platter

He also offered to make us custom pizzas. Here’s the pepperoni.

Pepperoni pizza

Chocolate fountains are marvelous. I wish I had one next to me at all times. It would make me a happy person.

Chocolate fountain

For dessert I had a vanilla panacotta, coffee profiterole, and pineapple dipped in chocolate.


We also had Mukta’s yummy cookies,

Mukta's cookies

and the liqueur chocolates Antara brought 🙂

Liqueur chocolate

As always, it was the people who made the afternoon really memorable.
Here are the smiling ladies.

The ladies

And here’s Sid, whom we love, especially because he took Antara and me shopping AND played catalyst in one of THE funniest moments in my life.


Drop by The Claridges at Surajkund, with your family or friends for a relaxed Sunday brunch. It’s a perfect winter outing 🙂

These are the various deals on offer:

Sparkling Brunch – 2300 + Taxes
· Elaborate buffet (Multicuisine)
· Sparkling Wine
· Mocktails and Cocktails

Champagne Brunch – 3000 + Taxes
· Elaborate buffet (Multicuisine)
· Champagne
· Sparkling Wine
· Mocktails and Cocktails

Moet Rose Brunch- 4500 + Taxes
· Elaborate buffet (Multicuisine)
· Rose Champagne
· Champagne
· Sparkling Wine
· Mocktails and Cocktails

Kids Brunch – 999 + Taxes
· Elaborate buffet (Multicuisine)
· Smiley
· French fries
· Mini pizza
· Mini burger
· Cup cakes
· Puddings
· Fresh juices

Here’s what the others had to say:
Sid- Chef at Large
Parul- The Shirazine
Antara- Antypasti
Mukta- Bake-a-mania

And here are the three lucky winners for the Hilton, Mayur Vihar giveaway:
Neha, Pranay, and Aastha! Congratulations guys! Please send me your email addresses so I can mail over your discount codes.

Have a happy week people 🙂

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You know those proverbs? Like Don’t judge a book by its cover and All that glitters isn’t gold?

Yes they’re terrible cliches, I know, but bear with me.

Last Sunday a group of us from the CAL Bloggers Table made our way to Rose cafe for brunch.

An afternoon that held great promise, it did not live up to our expectations.

In retrospect, I should have paid more attention to the signs. Because they were there.

The blank, undiscerning eyes of the staff. The slowly deteriorating quality of food as each dish made its way to the table. The snail-like service.

I didn’t see all of it at first. Why? Because I was high on the pink-ness of it all.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

As I walked into the cafe, I thought to myself – what a beautiful place. The cafe was (very) pink, but accentuated with delicate white lace curtains, small antiques, and chalkboard menus. It had rustic chairs and flowered sofas and hanging lamps. Heck, even the restroom was pretty.

The afternoon started out well. Everyone was seated at a long table and the first things we tried were pizzas and drinks.
The pizzas were good.

This bacon and caramelised onion one made me happy. That kaffir lime drink also, in the background, was very refreshing.

After that we all tried several things. This was fun because everyone ordered something and then passed it around the table for everyone else to taste. Some of the stuff we tried were the chicken bites, the pepper salad, beans in a bun, fried fish, mustard chicken, ham and cheese chicken, and several types of cake. Not one of those things were good enough for me to want to go back again.

The one exception was the Shepherds pie – the mashed potatoes and well-cooked mince reminded me of how my Mum makes it at home.

The desserts in particular were a big disappointment. Almost all the cakes were dense, hard, and cold, the Tiramisu was only half-decent, and the coconut macaroons were just sad.

The service became worse and worse as our meal progressed, and by the end it was just absurd. I distinctly recall jacket potatoes and coffee cake arriving at the table at the same time.

After a very ordinary meal coupled with wonderful company, I was still ready to look at the experience glass half-full.
(I was still ill with pink-ness I’m guessing)

Then came the deal breaker. A staff member who can only be described as a lousy excuse for a human being took it upon himself to address some of us in the most appalling, unacceptable manner. I am ready to forgive the slow, confused service and the terribly ordinary food, but a shocking lack of basic manners and respect (anywhere, but especially in this business) is not acceptable.

Rose cafe is like the dressed-up child-catcher van. Sorry, you need to have seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to understand that.
Watch this video to see what I mean.

Final analysis: I know it’s a pretty place. But there’s an ugliness lurking inside. Stay away.

Here’s what some of the others had to say:
Sid- Chef at Large
Rituparna- Chocolates & Dreams
Himanshu- The White Ramekins
Sushmita- My Unfinished life
Deeba- Passionate about baking
Sangeeta- Banaras ka khana

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Sundays are meant for laid-back, languorous brunches. It’s the perfect way to unwind with some chilled beer, great food, and fun conversation.
That’s exactly what happened at the Blogger’s brunch in Cafe on 3.


A wide selection of food from multiple cuisines awaited us. If you decide on the buffet which I recommend, start with the salads and cheese like I did.


I quite enjoyed the Squid and glass noodles salad.



Cut yourself some cheese, to eat with olives and capers in oil.



There is also a fresh veggie make-your-own salad section with an assortment of dressings.


Next move on to the live counters outside by the pool. The shawarma was just spicy enough, with more meat than bread (just the way I like it ;))



The warm appams with coconut chicken/veg curry are also rather good.


Next, move on to the Continental section and fill up your plate. Here’s mine.



The herby roasted baby potatoes with skin were delicious, as was the lemony grilled fish. Vegetarians- make sure you don’t miss the Polenta with tomato coulis.


For those who prefer Oriental or Indian (or both!), there are lots of options available.



Try the sun-coloured Alleppey fish curry with some rice. You won’t be disappointed.


The dessert section won me over with one thing. Two words. Chocolate Fountain.


I wish it was dark chocolate though, but with strawberries, baby meringues, biscuits and prunes to dip, I wasn’t complaining.



If you’re a coconut fiend like me, try the foamy, light-as-a-cloud coconut mousse.



There are also some exquisite items you can order a la carte. Like this roast chicken.



The buffet brunch itself though, is well worth the money and allows you to sample a wide variety of delicious food.
It has all the makings for a fun Sunday 🙂


Cafe on 3
DoubleTree by Hilton, Mayur Vihar
Sunday brunch @ 1100 INR plus taxes per person (without alcohol) and 1300 INR plus taxes per person (with alcohol)
Phone: 011 41105555

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