How to throw an Epic Game of Thrones Party

If you’re not into Game of Thrones, that’s okay.


Just kidding.


This is my actual face when someone says they don’t like Game of Thrones.




At the time of writing, we’re 4 episodes into Season 7, and it’s glorious.


If you’re still here, I will assume you’re a fan and to you I say, “Winter is coming.”


To celebrate our favorite TV show, Dennis and I threw a season premiere party that I thoroughly enjoyed planning. (Dennis says I went a little nuts with it, but 🤷‍♀️)


So I’m here with ideas, suggestions and recipe or two, for you to throw an epic GoT party yourself!


Remember, there is no time like the present to party, because Valar morghulis.




If you know you’re a Stark at heart, this banner must adorn your walls. If you’re here for the dragons, then perhaps this one.


Here are some beautiful ones that you can download and print for free!


I used cardboard, foil, and grey packing tape to make this Iron throne, but if you have the time and determination, you can make one that looks better than the real thing. Directions here.


Here’s our friend Anita doing her best Cersei impression on our Iron throne. (I think she nailed it!)






It’s fun to acknowledge to your favorite character by wearing clothes that celebrate them.


If you believe in Jon Snow, here’s a cool t-shirt for you.


Arya fan in the house? Try this one. Also, *fistbump*


A Lannister will pay for your clothes? Here you go.


Here’s what we wore!






I had so much fun thinking of puns using character names and various delicious treats. I used this awesome BuzzFeed post as inspiration, so be sure to check it out.


I didn’t want to spend the whole day in the kitchen, so instead I thought of easy or store-bought recipes.


Little chicken fingers (Store-bought)




Arya’s needles – Pocky sticks




You know Muffin Jon Snow – Recipe from BuzzFeed




Hodor-itos (Store-bought)




Theon’s Greyjoys (Store-bought)




Devilled Dragon eggs – Recipe partially from BuzzFeed, but I used truffle mayo and chipotle flakes for the filling which basically made it insanely good!




Grey Worm’s worms (Store-bought)




House Sigil Cookies – Recipe from BuzzFeed, and purchase the cookie cutters from here. These cookies were delicious – the flavor is a mix of shortbread and honey, and they were easily the most popular item on my menu. One tip – when I used the cutters, I found that sprinkling extra flour on them before placing on the dough helped to release the shape. These are pretty intricate, so be gentle!




Wild-fire Jello shots – Recipe from BuzzFeed




Another great idea for a drink is a red wine Sangria – call it the Red Wedding punch!


A big part of the fun, was naming the different dishes. If you like the individual chalkboard name tags, you can get them here. And they’re reusable, so you can use them for many more parties! For the character heads, I just printed, cut, and stuck them on there 🙂






A GoT Coaster set


A “I drink and I know things” Whiskey Glass (Dennis loves his!)




Love Ghost? You’ll want this cute little thing.


If you’re watching with the lights off, this table lamp will make a welcome addition. Aren’t the dire-wolves the best though?


And if you’re feeling particularly baller, get these dragon eggs and channel your inner Khaleesi!


Most important: Just have fun and enjoy the breathtaking storytelling on TV!




Winter is here!




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