Trolleys, Khan Market – Fruit cocktails to die for

A quirky new joint has opened in Delhi’s very own posh-ville – Khan Market.


Called Trolleys (because some of the food comes to you in adorable trolleys :)), this place is spread over 2 floors. I love that all the chairs and tables are different. Very quirky!

As soon as we sat down, a small bowl of chaat came to us on a trolley. A complimentary dish that changes everyday, on other days you could be pleasantly surprised with alcohol golgappas and chuskis!

The chaat was crunchy, slightly sweet and a little sour – a great way to open up the palate.


Young restauranteurs Pravat and Sandy came over to chat with us about the very fabulous drinking ware Trolleys creates and uses.

They up-cycle old alcohol bottles and create the most stunning wine glasses, martini glasses, margarita glasses, and water glasses among others. I was amazed at how beautiful the stuff was. They’re planning to take orders soon, and I’m definitely buying a set!


The Trolleys menu is a mix of Indian, Middle Eastern, and Continental.

We started with Melting Mozzarella – deep fried balls of melty cheese served with a smokey barbecue sauce. The cheese inside also has a touch of mustard which gives it zing to cut through the creaminess rather well.


The Kacche kela and anjeer kebab (smooth like a Veg Galouti) and the Makkai aur mirch ki seekh (slightly sweet with flecks of chilli and bite from sweet corn) were both rather good.


The Non-vegetarian kebab platter came to the table on a long plate and then it was lit up for us. Rather exciting!

It had Patthar ke kebab (smooth and spicy), Sharaabi kababi tikka (perfectly cooked), and Murgh tikka kesari malai (creamy and distinctly saffrony).


You cannot go to Trolleys and leave without trying at least a few fruit martinis. I say this because they use zero articifical flavours, zero preservatives, and make their drinks with fresh fruit every single day. Pretty cool, right?

The result is a drink bursting with the real flavour of the fruit of your choice, generously mixed with alcohol and brought to you in a signature hand-made glass. We tried the watermelon, apple, and kiwi martinis, and a pineapple margarita – all excellent and strongly recommended.


Parmesan crusted chicken steak, served with herb polenta and mashed potatoes came next. I enjoyed the black pepper sauce and grilled veggies, but unfortunately the chicken wasn’t tender.


The Pesto and ricotta tortellini was a very interesting dish – the chunky tomato-onion sauce was rustic and slightly sweet, and the paneer-like ricotta inside the tortellini was well-flavoured. This would be a great order for a vegetarian. Oh and I loved the crisp garlic bread!


Trolleys strength appears to be their Indian food. We had the Dal Makhani and Nihari Gosht with warm, buttery naans and laccha parathas. The dal was rich with that familiar ghee flavour, and the gosht came in a thick gravy with large pieces on the bone. My piece wasn’t as tender as I’d expect Nahari to be, but the other one had meat falling off the bone.


For meetha, we got the very prettily plated Shahi tukda, creamy yet crisp, and topped with pistachios and saffron strands.


We also tasted Baklava – warm filo wrapped bites of nuts and honey – quite a decadent way to end the meal.


Trolleys is definitely worth a visit – must trys include the kebabs and Indian mains.

I’ll be returning very soon to try their Chandan ice-cream (so curious!) and apparently they’re also introducing fresh-brewed cider soon! Yum!

Head over there right away for a fresh fruit martini. You’ll love it 🙂

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