Quartet of European Delights at Blooms, Eros Hotel Nehru Place

For me, the more unfamiliar a certain cuisine is, the better.

It means I can taste without any expectations or comparisons, and decide entirely for myself.

It also means the flavours are completely new, which for me is utterly exciting.

The Quartet of European Delights at the Eros Hotel- Managed by Hilton at Nehru Place is a festival celebrating the food and culture of four European countries: The Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland.

The food from these countries, as I happily discovered, is hearty and warm. It’s no-fuss food that I can imagine families eating together, whilst breaking crusty loaves and chatting noisily, washing it all down with delicious beer.

Here’s a look at some of the food on offer.

Flaky, salty, Sheep’s cheese pie.

Gorgeously red beetroot salad.

Chicken with crunchy walnuts.

Lamb with sweet red onions.

Warm, crusty bread.

Fruity beer with a touch of bitter.

We were also regaled with some old tunes by Monika Dryl, a famous Polish performer and some very joyful and vigorous dancing by the Csillagszemuek (Starry-Eyed) Dance Ensemble. The dancing was so full of life – almost like a fun exercise routine that made me want to jump out of my seat and give it a whirl.

The festival is on until 9th November, 2012 at Blooms in Eros Hotel- Managed by Hilton at Nehru Place. The food is interesting, with lots to choose from. Nine beers from The Czech Republic are also on offer. Spend a relaxed evening soaking in the music and culture of these wonderful countries and gorge on some fantastic food. And hey- I hear there are special prizes and presents on offer everyday, including a grand prize- stay for a couple in Prague!

I hung out with some fun folks that night. Here’s what they’re saying:

Sid- Chef at Large
Himanushu- The White Ramekins
Rituparna- Chocolates & Dreams

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