Sri Lankan festival at DoubleTree by Hilton, Mayur Vihar

I’m a big fan of Sri Lankan food.

Generous use of spices, lots of seafood, and coconut features in almost two out of three dishes.
What’s not to like.

So I went knowing I’ll eat some amazing food.

What I didn’t expect was this gorgeous view.

After catching up with my fabulous blogger friends over some wine, we headed inside to eat.

We started with this refreshing spiced coconut water drink.

A little walk around the buffet spread and I decided what I wanted to try. Here’s a look at the things I stopped by.

Assorted pickles

Spicy prawn curry

Cashew-nut curry

Crunchy, dried fish (This was lovely. So unapologetically fish-flavoured.)

Sri Lankan chilli crab and Batticlo mutton curry

I ordered an egg hopper as well. Look at the yolk. Gorgeous.

Here’s my plate. Yes, greedy me.

I must admit I tried some non Sri Lankan things as well and loved them. Special mention to the Sticky pork ribs and Penang chicken. That’s the beauty of a buffet 🙂

For dessert I got the jaggery-rich Kalu dodol and some sinful chocolate mousse cake among other things.

It’s always fun to spend an evening with friends over good food, isn’t it?
Here’s what the rest of them had to say about the evening:

Sangeeta Banaras ka khana
Sushmita My Unfinished Life
Ruchira Cookaroo

Drop by DoubleTree by Hilton, Mayur Vihar for a taste of Sri Lanka. It’s on till 23rd September for dinner, and priced at 1500/- INR plus taxes per person.
And please say hello to that stunning blue pool for me!

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