Young chefs – Win a copy of DK India and Vikas Khanna’s new cookbook for children!

Do you love children?

I do.

I remember a time when I didn’t, though – I found them snotty, and whiny, and tiny, and annoying. This was probably when I was a snotty, whiny, tiny being myself.

Having now matured into a (slightly) less whiny adult, I find myself rather happy in the company of children.

They’re quite wonderful, these tiny people. They say the funniest things, look at every single thing in wonder, and teach us to really live when we forget.

Also they’re so darned cute. And I happen to know and love some particularly adorable ones. I mean just look at these faces.

Sometimes they wear yellow glasses and eat cake. That makes me happy.


Other times they take a break from pillow fighting and smile for the camera. You can’t help but smile too.

Rishi chikki

When you’re stressed, they tumble over boxes and chatter with you non-stop until you forget your worries. You realise you want to tumble over boxes too. (It looks like so much fun, right?)


And then, once in while, they dress up and look so adorable, it melts your heart. You realise they’re growing up too fast.

Raya rahil

Children are quite wonderful. But when you throw cooking into the mix, they’re unstoppable.

They love getting their hands dirty, they aren’t afraid to experiment, and they will try anything once. Tell me that’s not the very definition of a fantastic cook.

Ally 1

Which brings me to an exciting announcement 🙂

There’s a fabulous new treat for all the young chefs out there.

Dorling Kindersley India and Vikas Khanna have created a one-of-a-kind cookbook for children that’s being released on 14th November, 2013.

The book is a fantastic mix of modern recipes, step-by-step images, and easy-to-follow instructions. It’s a wonderful book for any child who is interested in cooking – both for those who are already cooking and want to expand their skills, as well as those who’ve just taken a peep into the kitchen and like what they see 🙂 This book will give them just the encouragement they need.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 1.50.56 PM

I’m giving away a copy of this book to one of you fabulous people. It’ll be signed by Vikas Khanna too! 🙂 All you need to do is drop me a comment below telling me who your favourite little person is and why you love them. Entries will be accepted till 30th November, after which I’ll pick one winner by a random draw.

If you can’t wait to buy Young Chefs, go to Penguin India and get it now!

Thank god for children. For the silliness and the laughter and the fun.
There’s so much to learn from them 🙂

10 thoughts on “Young chefs – Win a copy of DK India and Vikas Khanna’s new cookbook for children!

  1. Hi, my favourite little person is my 10 yr old sister,Sharmin. I love her a lot n she is very naughty n at d same time she makes faces whenever we give her something to eat, but she loves d new experiments i keep doing n give to her.She eats them very excitedly.So, my cooking experiments is one of d ways i have find out to make her calm at home.

  2. Hi,
    My favourite little person is my 10 year old brother – Arnav. We love experimenting with food and are always trying to cook something really delicious every weekend. We’re getting really good at it and I guess practice does make perfect…well in this case A LOT of practice makes perfect 😛 He eats whatever I make for him and is always up for trying new out new dishes with me.

  3. Hi,
    My favourite little person is my 8 year old cousin. We both love to cook together and have our tiny tea parties.This book would be a perfect gift for her and would give us many more reasons to enjoy cooking together.

  4. Hi, my favourite little person is my one year old niece, Shreeya. She welcomes every morning with a sweet smile on her face. Her cute smile gives a new hope and sunshine to my day and my life. Her innocence is like a magnet which tends to attract everyone towards her. Her naughtiness makes me laugh and coerce me to again become a kid and truly enjoy every moment of life. When she adores me with her little soft hands, I feel that I am most beloved person in this universe. When she lets me put my head in her little lap, I feel that I am under Goddess shade. Whenever she is with me, I feel the most happiest 🙂

  5. Hi , I m Srishti n I m 15 my favorite kuchu puchu baby is my cousin brother darsh he is 4 I luv him bcoz he is a small sweetheart then to he is d only person who can understand me ,who can make me laugh by his sweet n stupid answers,who can make me run behind him when he goes to park without telling . He is a vry special prince in my life he always encourages me for cooking even a small glass of juice makes him happy nd he gives me a kissy 😉 his naughty smile can never let me forget him n his smelly clothes will always make me remember his innocence ! I love him n so i want to make him heatbobbling happy 😀 Thanks

    1. Thank 4 letting me share my thoughts it means a lot to me if I win .. after winning it he can learn more n together we will make exoticly delicacies 😉 :* it will make our bond more deeper n stronger 🙂

  6. Hi,
    My favorite is my little sister she is 5 and loves to see me cook and I love fulfilling her demands but now even I want to taste food made by her and YOUNG CHEFS is the perfect book to give her a kick start and also I have to mention that she loves watching vikas khanna with me and so the book will tempt her to start cooking…:–)

  7. Hello,
    My gorgeous two girls, age 5 and 3, are my favorite little persons in this planet. They drive me absolutely crazy at times and yet no one can fill my heart with such love and joy. They are my most precious possession and they have taught me what it means to be unconditional. Pure joy!

  8. hi,
    I’m a mother of three and obviously my three children are my favourite people.. aged 9, 6 and 2 they are quite a handful but nothing gives me more pleasure than to watch them grow and be a part of the changes in their lives…they have taught me so much about love, patience and sacrifice and along with their growth I too am growing everyday in terms of strength and the ability to appreciate and find joy in everything around me…:)

  9. Hi,
    my favorite little ones are my three lovely babies. They are my 2yrs olds nephews and 4yrs old little princess. i love them a lot. I don’t have reasons to love them as they are my little babies!

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