5 (awesome) people I want to chat with

*This post is my entry for the “WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere!” contest on Indiblogger.*

If I could summon any 5 people, dead or alive, to chat with in a WeChat group, those 5 awesome people would be:

Julia Child
Gordan Ramsey
My mother
Adriano Zumbo
Nigella Lawson

Okay so the most obvious thing they have in common is that they’re bad asses in the kitchen, but apart from that I doubt there is a single thing they’d agree about.

To properly understand why I’ve chosen these people, you need to get to know them.

Person 1: The feisty and proudly unconventional Julia Child. She loved butter, French food, and was the creator of quotes that make me want to high five her.

Here’s an example: “If you’re afraid of butter, use cream.”
Here’s another: “The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”

Still need another reason to love her? She wore pearls in the kitchen. I know, right? LOVE.

Julia Child

Here’s what our conversation would probably sound like:


If that’s not sound kitchen advice, I don’t know what is.

Person 2: The eternally mean, I-get-my-kicks-from-your-wimpy-tears Gordan Ramsay. He’s just the kind of person you need around when you think you’re too good for everyone. His words cut, like a knife. A real one.

Let’s look at a couple of memes to show you what I mean, okay?

Gordan meme 1

Gordan meme 2

They don’t call it Hell’s Kitchen for nothing y’all!

But why oh why would you want to chat with him, you ask? Here’s why:


I don’t know about you, but I would love that kind of encouragement in the kitchen.

Person 3: My always-ready-with-hugs mother. After large doses of Ramsay, my mother who is the most encouraging person in the world, would be a welcome break.


My mother makes me believe I can do anything I want. That kind of confidence is crucial when you’re making say a mille-feuille for the first time, don’t you think?

Isn’t she lovely?


Person 4: The Patissier of Pain who can disarm you with a macaron or his killer smile (or both), Adriano Zumbo.

Adriano macarons

Every baker girl needs this guy on speed dial. Not only will he suggest recipes that constantly challenge you, he will smile like a sweet assassin while doing it. Also, his name makes me want to dance.


His recipes are the best and the craziest.

Person 5: The Queen of making cooking a sexy activity, and being unabashedly proud of her curves, Nigella Lawson. I love how she uses her hands to measure things, how she’s always tasting and eating through the process, and how she feeds our souls with her words.

Much too often I’m a complete mess in the kitchen. There is flour everywhere, and bits of batter on every surface except my apron. Nigella is the best sexy food teacher. Take notes, children.


Nigella caramel

Anyone who covers her face with salted caramel is a genius. Agree? Move over Justin. She’s bringing sexy back.

Those are the 5 people I’d like to WeChat with. Who’d make your list? 🙂

8 thoughts on “5 (awesome) people I want to chat with

  1. okay, I was guffawing all the way through. I want Alton Brown. He will probably give me suggestions to make a pie, and I will want to kiss him on the sly.

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