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β€œDreams, if they’re any good, are always a little bit crazy. ”
― Ray Charles

*warning*- this post has (much) more than the legal recommended amount of: pictures, smiling, gushing, more smiling, silliness, and general happiness.

A few weeks ago I had a chance to live out one of my dreams.

I need to wind back a bit here, so stay with me please darlin.

When Masterchef Australia first started airing in India, it took only the first episode for me to realise I’m gonna be hooked.

Not only was this a great food show, it was a great show. Full stop. And I was madly in love with it.

I would rush home from where ever I was, feign headaches to cancel social appointments, and drop everything to be home and in front of the TV at 9pm.

2 reasons for the show’s aforementioned greatness:

1. It’s all about the food. (No useless drama like in the Indian version or random bursts of cruelty like in the American version.)
2. The cute judges.

I’m telling you, George, Gary, and Matt – the fantastic Masterchef Australia judges are the secret ingredient that make the show such a resounding success.

They know their stuff, but are incredibly humble.
They’re funny as hell and are such great teachers.
And they bring a wonderful touch of real life to the show that makes viewers like me feel like we really know them.

I can never ever get tired of Gary’s adorable smile, Matt thoughtfully rubbing his chin, or George shouting out his famous catchphrase “Boom boom shake the room”.

I have learnt so much from the show- from how to make crackling and stuffing a chicken, to releasing a cake from the tin and plating beautifully. But what I’ve really taken away from the show is following your passion, doing what you love and doing it well, being decent and humble and happy and wonderful. Those are the things I believe Masterchef Australia stands for.

Now back to the present.

Through a wonderful thing called Twitter I found out that Gary and George were coming to my city.
I was flabbergasted and semi psychotic with excitement. I could not form words. I was DYING to meet them.

I spoke to people in the food business, friends, bloggers, my boss, and every other person remotely connected to food to see if I had a shot at meeting these two cuties.

I decided I would do whatever it takes to meet them at least once.

Do you know how I know dreams come true? I met them thrice. Yes, thrice. In two days.

(Side note: I’m offering stalking classes soon. Please let me know if you’re interested.)

Let’s talk about these monumental meetings one by one, shall we?

First meeting or When our eyes first met: A book signing at Landmark.
I bought their book, stood in a line, and got autographs and pictures!

Here they are!

High point: Gary drew in my book. He drew earrings on George’s face.

Second meeting or Love in pastel shades: At Olive Beach restaurant for breakfast.
Some fabulous bloggers and some of the city’s top chefs met George over breakfast at this gorgeous restaurant.

I asked Georgie the first question! πŸ™‚ And then spent the rest of the morning gushing over him.

Gushing picture 1.

Gushing picture 2.

High point: Me giving George some dark chocolate Kahlua truffles I made for him, and him saying, “Awww. Thank you darling.”

Darling. He said it. His words. Yes. Swoon.

Third meeting or I can’t freakin’ believe this is happening: Cooking for George and Gary at Nature’s Basket! Yeah, you read that right.

I actually won a chance to cook for my culinary heroes. And they tasted my dish.

Here I am explaining my dish.

Honestly I don’t know how I got anything done. Can you do anything except melt into a ball of mush when you see this smile?

But I did. I made a Deconstructed chocolate and fruit dessert. (I’m fancy like that.)
Here’s me with my dish.

And a closer look.

I also met two other wonderful contestants- Charu and Aradhika. Here they are.

What I enjoyed the most was the time I had with Gary and George. Their criticism was constructive, they were wonderfully adorable, and I didn’t want the evening to ever end.

What’s that? You want to see more pictures? Sure! πŸ™‚

Here I am in a Gary and George sandwich. The best kind there is πŸ˜‰

This is all of us trying to pull off a serious Masterchef pose. George nailed it.

And here’s my favourite one. No prizes for guessing why.

For those who still want more (seriously?), there’s also a video of the event here. You’ll hear and see me around halfway through. (Spoiler alert: At one point I tell George we love him because he’s chubby, and he says awwwwww.)

Needless to say I died with the cuteness.

So that’s that folks. I stalked these two Masterchef cuties. Like. A. Boss.
Wouldn’t you agree? πŸ˜€

Dreams do come true. Don’t you ever stop dreaming them, love.


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